The World Is Speaking To Us – How Do We Reply?

(Inspired by Joseph Milne – the world is always speaking to us, it is how we live that is our reply)

The modern quest for security and certainty…has closed the door on the great mystery that actually shines everywhere, and which does not need to be mastered, but rather received as a gift of grace.” Dr Joseph Milne

A six-week course:  February 10 – March 17 2021

Wednesdays, 10:00am – 12:00pm, via Zoom with Louise Livingstone and Mary Attwood

In these unprecedented times which we are all experiencing, is it possible to discover deeper ways of engaging with the world? In this course, art, Nature and deep listening come together to offer us a reminder of something more, a different perception. How is the world speaking to us – and how do we reply?

Over six weeks, join Mary Attwood and Louise Livingstone as they explore how expanded ways of seeing and knowing carry the potential to alter our way of perceiving and consequently engaging with the world. Through the Renaissance eye as window to the soul, Heart Sense©  and Goethean enquiry, Mary and Louise will explore the starved version of normality that many of us live in today in contemporary society; opening our eyes, hearts and minds to ancient ways of knowing that honour our intuitive senses, and our imaginal consciousness. This will be participatory and will include a combination of lectures, group discussions and practical exercises. In this course, we take seriously the image, experience and feelings, using them to lead us into more subtler realms of our reality. If you have a nagging sense that all is not well with the world and our current worldview, and do not know how to speak about what is arising for you, then this course is for you! 

You will engage in meditative and contemplative exercises including reflective writing and meaning- making through personal story and images of art and Nature.

Week one: Noticing, Now (seeing, listening, feeling) part 1 

Week two: Noticing, Looking Back (seeing, listening, feeling) part 2 

Week three: Opening (creating space)

Week four: Reclaiming (the push-pull, bringing something else into alignment)

Week five: Acting (rebirth)

Week six: Re-visioning (closing the spiral) 

This course will soon be available as a downloadable course. Please bookmark this page to be kept updated


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