The Spiralling Heart

with Dr Louise Livingstone

Tuesday 22nd March 2022

6:30pm – 8:00pm (UK time) via Zoom

This talk is moves deeper into the philosophical implications of one of the hearts that Louise met during her PhD research. In her work, Louise communicated with, and deeply explored, the different hearts that live within her. One of these hearts presented itself as a spiral – becoming known to Louise as her ‘holistic’ or ‘spiralling’ heart. In this session, we expand our awareness to re-imagine the heart as a spiral. No longer a symbol of division with a wall separating ‘left side’ from ‘right side’ (a view put forward almost 400 years ago by William Harvey and his followers), exciting conversations in specialist areas of cardiology are bringing forward the possibility for the heart to be re-visioned as a guiding symbol of reconnection for our troubled times, embodying the spiralling pattern of life within its own physiology and function. In this talk, we open our awareness to consider the philosophical implications of how seeing the heart in this different way might change our engagement with the world.


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Dr Louise Livingstone is co-founder of the Centre for Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred, and Director of the Heart Sense Research Institute. She has a PhD in transformative learning from Canterbury Christ Church University and an MSc in Holistic Science from the Schumacher College in Devon, UK. In the early 1990s, Louise was struck by an illness that enlarged her heart leaving her with numerous physical ailments. Deep in her soul, she knew that her heart was urgently trying to speak to her, making her aware that she had been ignoring her heart’s wisdom and guidance for many years. Today she brings her research, professional and personal experience into a practical setting; empowering people to access their heart’s wisdom in order to engage more fully with life. 

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