The Creative Genius of Leonardo da Vinci

with Mary Attwood


Intelletto (Intellect) , Invenzione (Skill & Discovery), Fantasia (Imagination) and the Sensus Communis (Common Sense)

A 3-week course: Sunday 6th, 13th & 20th March 2022 – 3:00pm – 5:00pm (UK time) via Zoom

£45 for the full course

Leonardo da Vinci barely needs an introduction. His name is associated with genius, a man whose insatiable desire to discover what lay behind the world of natural phenomena led him to become the archetypal renaissance man equally adept at painting as he was with creating ideas for warfare and entertaining the court. Yet Leonardo was also a human being who encountered his own struggles and worked incredibly hard, incorporating a number of different qualities and cognitive faculties which co-existed alongside each other. During the Renaissance, the separation we might see today of the artistic with the scientific and with the sacred and secular did not exist. The artistic was brought together with geometry and mathematics,  and with that, the Renaissance artist allowed different ways of thinking and seeing to mutually inform each other and his/her practice.  Inventor, scientist, mathematician, painter and more, this course will explore the qualities Leonardo possessed or nurtured in order to create what he did. Leonardo was not simply divinely inspired in his creative genius, but developed and nurtured a number of different qualities that go into the broad term ‘creativity’.  We will look at the qualities of intelletto (higher Intellect), invenzione (skill and discovery), fantasia (imagination) and the sensus communis (common sense) as they were understood during the Renaissance in Leonardo’s quest to become one of the greatest human beings of all time.  We will  follow Leonardo’s life chronologically and ask what we still might be able to learn from his work and approach today as we explore his works of art, finished and unfinished, some of his inventions, and his thoughts and words.

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Mary Attwood is an art historian, writer, teacher, lecturer and a business creative. She is a co-director of the Centre for Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred and a co-founder of Iain McGilchrist’s platform, channelmcgilchrist. She was the founding Chairman of the Victoria Arts Society, and is also a qualified practitioner of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Mary holds an MA with distinction in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred, and her thesis, ‘Rebirthing a Lost Vision of Renaissance Art’, researched quattrocento Florentine Renaissance art from a broad context of ancient Greek philosophy, the neuroscientific approach of Dr Iain McGilchrist’s thesis on the left and right hemispheres of the brain, archetypal psychology and Renaissance artistic approaches. She holds a BA hons degree in The History of Art from London University where her studies focused on Italian late medieval and Renaissance art and architecture. 

Mary’s teaching and research seeks to offer a broader understanding of art, not as an object to be analysed, but as an interface of perception, consciousness, epistemologies, psychological and philosophical knowing. For more information visit

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