The Art of Seeing with Mary Attwood 

Reclaiming Ourselves: Art as an invaluable guide in today’s world  

Thursday 20th January 2022,  7-8pm (UK time) by Zoom


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“It is easy to think of art as an add on, but it is best to think of it the other way round – that it’s the doing it, seeing it, participating in it which makes us. We become fully ourselves.” Antony Gormley, Sculptor


This online session, The Art of Seeing,  runs every month on a drop-in basis. You do not have to commit to any number of sessions. Each session is recorded so if you are unable to attend in person, you can book in advance and receive a recording. 
For the first Art of Seeing session for 2022 we will consider the work of art as an invaluable teacher and guide for us today. As we emerge in our world during the ongoing pandemic, for many of us, our plans and usual ways of living have been altered because of the changes we have had to implement. We will consider how art may be a valuable and often overlooked source of wisdom which can help us navigate our way through our world and lives in challenging times.  Engaging with art in deeper and more thoughtful ways can help us move beyond just the ‘personal’ to seeing a vision of something larger, and yet this a vision that is frequently obscured by the current dominant rhetoric.  During this session, we will take one work of art as our focus, observing attentively and quietly in order to really see and feel our own responses. This will be followed by any words, thoughts and insights you may wish to share.  We will then explore the image further which will include its historical/ philosophical context. As usual the work of art will not be revealed until the evening but I can tell you that the image we will be seeing is one which was created during a time of immense changes in the Western world, changes which bear some resemblance to our own today, and where a more profound vision of what it meant to be human was reclaimed.
General Overview of The Art of Seeing sessions 
We know how to read a book and get lost in the other world of the imagination, and we allow ourselves to be moved emotionally and viscerally by music, but have we lost our visionary capacity when it comes to looking at works of art?
Just one work of art becomes the focus of our attention and discussion each month. By slowing down and taking time with one work of art, we are able to hear its own language as we enter a mode of active seeing, of receptivity and openness.  Detail, character, emotion, gesture, atmosphere, nuances and subtleties allow us to both look at and see through the image that are simply not possible from rushed or fleeting glances. When we spend longer than a few minutes looking, we are able to engage more embodied responses which include imagination, visualisation, contemplation, meditation and reflection, all modalities of knowing and seeing that are just not attainable from a rational mode of looking. From here you may detect the image’s metaphoric or symbolic meaning. There will be time for discussion and sharing your own perceptions and insights. 
This class will be £10 per person. Email Mary Attwood directly to book at

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