The Art of Seeing with Mary Attwood

Art as a Living Presence

Thursday 19th May 2022, 7-8pm (UK time) 


‘Most events are unsayable, occur in a space that no word has ever penetrated, and most unsayable of all are works of art; mysterious existences whose life endures alongside ours, which passes away.’

Rainer Maria Rilke

During this session we will explore the seeming aliveness of a work of art, as a living presence, with the guidance of writer and poet Rainer Maria Rilke. Rilke described our encounters with works of art as holding a deep mystery, an experience that exists in a space beyond what our rational mind can fully comprehend, in realms that point to the ineffable. Works of art have an enduring presence; life seems to have been breathed into them as they touch our human experience. There will be time to be quiet and deeply engage with the image, to reflect and to discuss. The work of art will not be revealed until the evening but I can tell you that it is one which Rilke knew and described with great feeling for its evocative nature relating to inner listening and a sense of calling.

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This session will be recorded if you cannot make the live session.

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