The Art of Seeing

Joy and Love through the Christian Mythos   

with Mary Attwood

Thursday 14th December 2023

7-8pm UK time via Zoom




“Joy does not merely illuminate our interior landscape, it transforms it. The world becomes different, marvellous and unique.”

Sister Wendy Beckett


This session will be recorded.

For the final Art of Seeing session for 2023, and appropriate for the month of December, we will turn our attention to the contemplation of joy and love through one of the most beautiful myths in the Western world – the Christian mythos. The realisation of the divine in human form meant that Jesus Christ was not half human and half divine but was both fully human and fully divine. In medieval cosmology he was understood as the co-incidence of opposites, reminding us that we are made in the image of the divine and carry the same potential for love brought about through the doorway of joy, described by Sister Wendy Beckett as such: “Joy is not a constant condition. Most people manage a settled cheerfulness, but this, however, admirable, has nothing to do with joy. Joy does not merely illuminate our interior landscape, it transforms it. The world becomes different, marvellous and unique.” We will be guided through our work of art with the contemplation of joy and love.

These sessions take a threefold approach of theory, practice and reflection with just one work of art.  The work of art will not be revealed until the session, but do please bring open eyes, ears and a pen and paper. Or, if you prefer to just listen and look, you can do that too.  These sessions are open to everyone whether you are a seasoned art lover or not. 

 This session will be recorded. To book please click here to go to Mary Attwood’s website.



Mary is co-founder and director of The Centre for Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred, an art historian, author, mentor and business creative. She is co-founder and director of Channel McGilchrist, was the founding Chairman of the Victoria branch of The Arts Society, is a qualified practitioner of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, has published two books with Watkins, and will be publishing an ancestral family book in Summer 2023.

Mary’s teaching and research seek to offer a broader understanding of art, not as an object to be analysed, but as a bridge between seemingly disparate ways of understanding the world and our place in it. While honouring the historical, broadening perceptions of art beyond rationalising analysis, categories and styles, opens doorways both in us and in the image. But beyond this, how we look at art art can reveal ways of knowing and seeing that change not only what we see in art, but change us and the world around us, and can help us meet the complexities of modern living by offering a renaissance of humane values.



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