Student Reflections

World is speaking – how do we reply?

Awakening forgotten ways of seeing and knowing through 

Art and Nature


The World Is Speaking course ran in Spring 2024, led by Centre for Myth Cosmology and the Sacred tutors – Mary Attwood (MA, BA hons) and Dr Louise Livingstone. On this three-month journey, participants explored how expanded ways of seeing and knowing carry the potential to alter ways of perceiving and consequently engaging with the world. Through the The Art of Seeing, Heart Sense and Goethean enquiry, the group explored the starved version of normality that many of us live in today in contemporary society; opening their eyes, hearts and minds to ancient ways of knowing that honour intuition and imaginal consciousness. Each week, we circled and looped, sauntered and wandered with curious eyes, minds and hearts, on a spiral pathway of learning through Art and the Natural world.

This whole journey was deeply experiential and transformative, bringing forth incredible art, poetry and reflective writing from participants. The Centre is proud to present some of these creative endeavours uniting head, heart and soul below:

Anni Harrison-Brooks


Meeting the Bees 

I’m walking in a churchyard – a green oasis in an urban setting surrounded by gentle countryside and about a mile and a half inland.
I come here to sit in the bee garden to the southwest of the church. Here it is peaceful, secluded. Although a bench is provided, few have ever used it at the times I tend to visit. So here I am. It is a rare sunny morning, warm but still wet under foot from last night’s heavy rain… (click here to read further)

Laura Kochman

Reaching Jaguar

Anna Vaughn Hyatt Hutchinson created the sculpture, Reaching Jaguar between 1906-1907. This bronze cast was completed in 1926 and is in The Met in New York City where I saw it on March 22, about a month ago. Being with Reaching Jaguar, I had to resist the urge to run my hands over his body. I felt my hands would help me see… (click here to read further)

Walter Smith

 The Yellowing

When I first saw Lucien Freud’s, “Woman in a White Shirt,” I was struck by the sadness and hopelessness in her face for I, too, had felt such sadness and hopeless in the earlier years of my life. I wondered what was going on with her and did she ever overcome her melancholy. I decided to do my own interpretation of the painting. I traced it and then began to add my own colors but attempted to keep as close to Freud’s colors as possible but not be limited by them… (click here to read further)


Mary McGee Jolliffe 

Now and Then

Flat caps, flat shoes,
thick ankles collared with stockings…
No nimble Lowry’s here…. (click here to read further) 

Anni Harrison-Brooks

Samuel Palmer, Late Twilight

The process of engagement with Samuel Palmer’s Late Twilight took between two to three hours, as I moved in and out of the image, noting my feelings, sensations, responses, and listened to what the image might wish to say to me. I had visited this picture before, first encountering it as an eighteen- or nineteen-year-old. I immediately felt in the presence of a landscape I recognised, not in literal terms but in the sense of its visionary quality which felt hauntingly familiar and still does all these years later as, indeed, do most of Palmer’s works when I encounter them…(click here to read further)


“[T]his [poem]…came to me at the weekend. Wow, what an interesting slow-burn thing we did together.”

 “I am attaching my written responses to what arose during the above course – for which, many thanks. It always feels an honour to be part of the spaces you provide in your courses and a privilege to learn alongside yourselves and others about what it is to be part of the world’s unfolding.”

“So much is reflecting the beauty of what you both offer – how attuned it feels to what wants to emerge in our world today. I’m incredibly grateful.” 

“You have opened new vistas for me…which feels great.”

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