Course overview (below you will find the full selection of areas of study, please note as you journey through the Diploma, you will not need to have studied all of these).

September to April:
1 hour live study seminar per month with tutor/s – optional (this will be recorded)
8 hours self study time per month (roughly)

May – July: Individual project and final presentation

Module one: September 2023 – Transformative Learning & Frameworks 

What is transformative learning?
Western Esotericism
Frameworks – four senses hermeneutic,  active imagination overview, etc
Methodology of the Heart
Methodology of the Imagination
McGilchrist’s hypothesis
Introduction to Goethe
The Art of Seeing 

Module two: October 2023 – Myth (Part 1)  

Why are myths needed and what is a myth?
Plato’s Myths
Myths & Stories in Art

Module three: November 2023 – Myth (Part 2)   

Eros and Psyche
Earth that thinks in Myth 

Module four: December 2023 – Cosmology (Part 1)

Macrocosm and Microcosm
Sacred Geometry
Image, Art and the Imagination 

Module five: January 2024 – Cosmology (Part 2)

What is the imagination and where does creativity come from?
The Power of Art – from early Medieval, Renaissance to Modernism – what does art tell us about how we see ourselves in the world?
James Hillman
Carl Jung – Active Imagination 

Module six: February 2024 – Astrology & Divination

Introduction to Astrology
Divination – the IChing / and Tarot

Module seven: March 2024 – The Sacred  (Part 1) 

How do we experience the sacred?
The Mystical and Mystics – Meister Eckhart, St Bonaventure, Ibn’ Arabi, St Francis of Assisi 

Module eight: April 2024 – The Sacred (Part 2) 

Leonardo da Vinci, Goethe and their view of the sacred
Wonder and Enchantment
Where do we go now?

May 2024 – July 2024: Individual project and final presentation


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Myth, Cosmology, Sacred Diploma Course

2023 – 2024

Running from September 2023 to July 2024 (see course outline opposite)

80 hours 


Diploma Q&A – Please enquire for access to the recording by contacting us

Please see application form at the bottom of this page

The Centre for Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred certificated ONLINE Diploma course is moving into its second year, and we are delighted to announce that applications for our 2023/2024 intake are now open! This course has been created to fill the space between A Level and a Bachelor’s degree with a richness of learning and research which is transformative. We will explore the power of symbol, metaphor and the mythopoetic imagination within the realm of contemporary ways of knowing, together with their practical application which benefits society and the world. When we engage with these areas of study, they are not just concepts or information, but become wisdom-enriched pathways that reveal what was previously hidden from our view.

Studying spiritual traditions and practices with an emphasis on myth, art, imagination and nature and their relevance for today is urgent and vital for the healing of our planet and the current crises that we are all experiencing. They can tell us something about how we can not only make changes on a practical level, but how we need to change our consciousness and the way we see the world, in order to restore the balance back to a more harmonious understanding of the human being and our place in the cosmos. There are answers in our past that we urgently need to recover.

This Diploma course is certificated and regulated by The Centre for Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred, and will run online with some tutor meetings via Zoom. Due to the online nature of the course, you will need to be comfortable with self-study. Below you will find an outline of the areas that will be covered on the course. The aim of this course is to allow you to not only study and research for your own discovery and nourishment, but to also gain transferable skills that you can take out into the world when complete.

This course will take into consideration the whole person – mind, imagination, heart and body and so will have a combination of reading, writing, reflection, contemplation, journal writing, dialogue/ conversation and the creation of an artefact, or bringing an idea into a practical form, and this is broad in scope. The final part of the course offers you the opportunity to present your creative project to your peers.

Who is this course for?

This Diploma course would appeal to you if you are interested in developing your knowledge in your existing field or if you are wishing to find a new path in life with meaning that also has a practical application in the world. You may be attracted to this subject area if you are a student, teacher or practitioner in the fields of psychology, philosophy, ecology and ecological consciousness, whether you are interested in myth, the mystical and Western esoteric traditions, holistic or spiritual therapy, counselling and healing, the arts and humanities, social sciences, education,  regenerative ecology, leadership, management, or if you are a re-searcher or in education.

The depth and breadth of the subject matter we cover will appeal to anyone who wishes to investigate the nature of the sacred and the wisdom traditions of the West. 

Course Tutors:

This course will be delivered by the central faculty of the Centre for Myth Cosmology and the Sacred – Dr Louise Livingstone and Mary Attwood MA with material contributions from Dr Angela Voss and Simao Cortes. 

If you are interested in this course, please fill out the application form below. If you would like to receive more information please email us at  

Upon successful completion of the Diploma, you will receive your certificate (image below) by post.

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