Sophia of Canterbury

“Sophia herself is not fourth to the Holy Trinity, but rather is the matrix of the divine creative power and as such is the bride of Logos or bridegroom. She, along with the logos, is intermediary between humanity and God, is the creative power through which all things came to be, and thus is also the spiritual effulgence through whom humanity returns to the paradisal and eternal worlds. Thus for the theosophers she is not a mythological being so much as a tincture, an illumination. She illuminates and transmutes man in a mystical marriage that is an inexpressible experience”


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Judith Way lives in Forest Row and teaches at Emerson college in collaboration with the Sacred Art of Geometry studio, a centre for traditional arts in the Ashdown Forest. Judith recently completed an MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred, and has been teaching since 2000, from movements arts, yoga and dance, to painting and creative theory.

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