Soothsaying – Signs, Omens, Divination with Maggie Hyde

Tuesday May 18th 2021 – 6:30pm – 8:00pm

In modernity, the ancient concept of soothsaying – literally ‘truth-speaking’ – is now defined as ‘forecasting’, ‘prediction’ or ’prophecy’. Its original meaning in being able to reveal truth inherent in a dream, omen, sign or divination is lost. We will discuss the way in which diviners can bring to light a truth that can guide, heal and transform. Maggie will show how, by watching for signs and omens, and by using a traditional symbol system, we see a truth for ourselves and move ahead to determine our own future. Illustrated with example divinations. 


Maggie Hyde (MA) is interested in the relation of psychoanalysis to divination. A co-founder and tutor for the Company of Astrologers, as a media astrologer she was continuously in print in UK newspapers or magazines for over 25 years. Currently she runs regular webinars for the Company and for diviners in Japan, and offers tuition, supervision and consultations in astrology, Tarot and I Ching. Her books include Jung and Astrology, Introducing Jung and Astrology for Beginners (with Geoffrey Cornelius, PhD). She has an ongoing interest in the work which originated at the University of Kent, developed further  at the MA in Canterbury Christ Church, and is currently continuing at CMCS. (See papers in conference collections, The Imaginal Cosmos (2007) and Seeing With Different Eyes (2007).

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