Songs of the Solar System

with Jay Livingstone

A 10-month online, self-study, immersive journey – starting February 2025

 Over 80 hours of lecture recordings and self-guided study materials

One live gathering each month   

Early Bird: £549 (after 30 November 2024, price increases to £695)

Please note: this is not an astrology course

This course has taken many years to manifest in physical form. Deeply immersed in the ancient wisdom, mythology, alchemy and sounds of each of our Solar System’s Celestial Beings, Jay has been gifted important teachings for our times, taking him on a deep journey of transformation. He has now been guided to bring this ten-month journey with the planets of our Solar System to you. Each month you will be working with the energies of a Celestial Body (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune):

The course comprises:

  • 10 x modules containing over 80 hours of study materials (one module per month) on a dedicated Virtual Learning platform. Please note you will need to be comfortable with online self-guided study
  • 5-part introductory film and supportive materials for each module
  • One live online gathering on Zoom per month with Jay and course participants – reflecting on the unfolding journey  (Mondays, 7pm-8.30pm UK time: 24 Feb, 24 Mar, 28 Apr, 19 May, 23 Jun, 21 Jul, 8 Sept, 13 Oct, 10 Nov, 15 Dec 2025)
  • Exercises, meditations and contemplations within each module
  • Optional ‘home-play’ and extension materials
  • Monthly interactive, live support sessions and tutorial
  • Unique channelled ‘loudscapes’ (uniquely mixed sound of each Celestial body as it dances through the Solar System) connecting you to the purest energies of each Celestial body
  • Creative project/reflective piece (to be handed in at end)
  • And more…


About the course: 

The Solar System, our cosmic backyard, comprises:

  • a central star, which we affectionally term the Sun;
  • eight planets (Mercury to Neptune) varying in their composition and distance from the Sun;
  • various Moons orbiting planets;
  • different bodies of ice, comets, asteroids, space rocks, and debris;
  • dwarf planets, such as Pluto dispersed throughout the solar system;
  • trans-Neptunian bodies and asteroids. 

Although modern science has spent a great many years exploring and explaining the Solar System and the wider Universe, there are still many unanswered questions. For example, why does the Solar System (and the Universe at large) exist at all, and why does it do what it does? 

Ancient wisdom for a modern world 

Until relatively recent times, cultures and civilisations ranging from the Babylonians to the Celts, had a very different relationship with the Solar System (and the Universe at large); understanding it to have both purpose and agency. As such, they formed highly complex relationships with the Solar System, bringing forth a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses who would impart their wisdom in order to help and guide humanity.

In every culture it was the role of the Priests, Seers and Shaman, to journey to, and interact with, these Deities (and therefor the planets, the Solar System, and the Universe at large) and gain their help, guidance and counsel.  In this course, we invite you to tread the path of the ancient Shaman, learn to interact with the planets and to hear the Songs of the Solar System, as once our ancient ancestors did.

During this deeply experiential course you will open yourself (as much as you are able as a human being embedded in the modern Western framework) to the ancient ways. These are ways that have been forgotten, but live deep in our collective bone memory. On this course you will have the possibility to reawaken this way of communicating to support you to connect to, communicate with, and seek counsel from, the planets. Are you ready to hear the Songs of the Solar System, and let these songs guide you in your daily life? 

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Payment Methods Visa, Maestro, Master Card, JCB


Jay Livingstone (MSc) is a UK artist, author, storyteller, spiritual coach and Shamanic Practitioner. Starting life as a college and university lecturer, Jay’s ‘awakening’ came as a result of two major life incidents. The first being through a major throat infection in his late teens leading to a near-death experience; and the second through a prolonged journey with Louise’s chronic health condition. As a result of these ‘awakenings’ he became:
  • A fully qualified complementary therapist trained in multiple healing modalities;
  • A Shamanic practitioner having trained with multiple teachers in the field; 
  • Spiritual coach and mentor – grounded in Nordic and Celtic spiritual practice;
  • A facilitator of self-expansion and personal development.
In the early 2010’s Jay was also called to undertake PhD research into health and wellbeing; specialising in chronic illnesses and is currently an independent researcher in the field. Over the last two decades, Jay has been on his own deep journey of initiatory journey to awaken his own innate wisdom and to heal at a deep soul level. As a result, he has been gifted guardianship of https://www.theeldersofaodhagan.co.uk/, which he helps to direct under the watchful gaze of the ancestors; bringing together training, therapy, art, storytelling, myth and much more. Jay and the Elders of Aodhagan seek to create safe, deep healing spaces within which individuals can start to reclaim their sovereign powers of healing and innate wisdom, supporting them to hear the songs of their own soul. 
Jay’s Shamanic practice has led him to work deeply with the planets of the Solar System and seeks to bring ancient wisdom and the alchemy of the Solar System into the present day to foster deep transformative experiences on the Soul level. The Solar System is speaking, all we have to do is listen.


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