Secrets of the Heavens

Angela Voss

Twenty years ago, I was fortunate enough to mastermind a project of recreating the Orphic Hymns, ancient invocations to the seven planetary deities, to evoke the spirit of Marsilio Ficino’s astral magic in 15th century Florence.

We also played other appropriate Renaissance music to illustrate the qualities of the planets.  This project culminated in the CD Secrets of the Heavens, and a live performance at St Bartholomew the Great in London. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life, to perform pagan hymns at the altar of this ancient church, with the appropriate incenses swinging from censers. It was in fact a moment of synthesis between the two traditions which Ficino himself had devoted his life to achieving. We were also blessed with the presence of the wonderful Mark Rylance, who spoke Ficino’s words, and the stunning voices of Catherine King and Mark Tucker.




Listen to the full playlist on Youtube:

Sample of Individual Titles:

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