Review by William Rowlandson – (2019) ‘A Pilgrimage into Weird Highness by Erik Davis

First published in: Psychedelic Press XXVIII, 47-61

Exploring the Weird is Weird. Investigating wormholes in the fabric of the space-time continuum opens wormholes in the fabric of the space-time continuum. That is my summary of Ness HighWeird. To arrive at that conclusion I summoned the Weird, heading off on a two-day journey along northern Spain by bus, train and foot, towards a cultural centre in a small town to hold a literary workshop about – appropriately – Magical Realism – scribbling this review in a notebook while gazing at the mountains and coast and chatting with pilgrims and wayfarers. As anticipated, Weird Things occurred on the trail that mirrored the Weird Things in the book. The book review is road review, travel log, trip report. It is a Weird Tale about Erik’s Weird Tale about Weird Tales from the 1970s.


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