Reclaiming Guinevere, Arthur, the Fae & the Round Table 

Bold New Understandings of Who They Are & Their Critical Relevance for Our Times


Marguerite Rigoglioso, PhD

Tuesday 20th September 2022 – 6:30pm-8:00pm (UK time)

Join Marguerite Rigoglioso, PhD, as she shares in-depth research regarding the hidden histories of the Court of Avalon: King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Merlin, and more. These historical figures were real people who merged with the lineages of the Essenes and the Sidhe/Fae in service to humanity. These souls are fully accessible to us now, as spiritual role models, in this time of great tribulation, for our own spiritual awakening.

Join us as we deep dive into the stories that have come down in writing, reading between the lines ~ with Marguerite’s intrepid research skills and inspiration from the Divine realms ~ to tease out the true history: divine births, grails, and the round table included.

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Marguerite Rigoglioso [pronounced REGAL-yo-zo], Ph.D., is the foremost authority on the history of virgin birth, and the author of the bold new award-winning book The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception: Mary and the Lineage of Virgin Births. Marguerite taught many graduate and undergraduate courses in the US and UK, and in 2012 founded her own Seven Sisters Mystery School, through which she’s been teaching about the Sacred Feminine and mentoring clients on the evolutionary spiritual path. She is also the author of Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity and The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece. Her website can be seen here: 


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