Raven’s Speech

with Andreas Kornevall 

Sunday 26th February 2023 – 3:00pm-5:00pm (UK time) via Zoom

Join Andreas Kornevall for an immersive and practical journey into the rituals, runes, folklore, sagas and initiations of Norse mythology and magic – also known as Seidr.

This workshop is for those with an interest in witchcraft, runes, alchemy, symbolism, Norse culture and Paganism.

Andreas will guide us through the magical talismans of the ancient world – what can we learn from them, how can we read them?  Also an introduction to the thousand-year history of the runes will be presented.  Storytelling and myth will be essential components in our explorations; we will learn basic storytelling techniques and discover the initiatory patterns that exist in fairy tales.  Also lost Northern star constellations will be examined alongside practical psycho-magical exercises such as song making (Galder) and creating rune sigils.  With the runic work we will consider and explore the oracular language, how do we access it, how can it help us today?  Other areas of discovery will include traditional ceremonies named “blot” and old Anglo-Saxon land healing practices that can be revived and performed today.  

All are welcome to come along regardless of experience, sexuality, and cultural/spiritual background: the spirit is warm and always enthusiastically inclusive.

Some of the material presented in this course has never been translated into English

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Andreas Kornevall is an author, storyteller and ecological activist. He grew up in South America, Sweden and Switzerland, and now directs the Earth Restoration Service charity. In response to the sixth mass extinction, he was the catalyst behind the Life Cairn movement: memorials for species rendered extinct at human hands. As a storyteller, he works with old myths and fairytales which shine a torch light on life’s journey; his stories tend to gravitate around the Norse material which have led him to lecture and perform in universities and other educational centres. He is a member of the ‘Forn Sed’ (Old Customs Association) in Sweden which works closely with ancient Norse culture, traditions and spirituality, unearthing old legends, forgotten folklore and endangered Norse languages.  Through his charity he has planted over 200 woodlands in the United Kingdom and he has recently been voted by the University of Southern California as one of their 100 spiritual exemplars.



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