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Zodiac Seminars 2020 – Scorpio – £8

The virtual return of the get-together each month to celebrate the starsign of the month. Everyone welcome, whatever their sign, astrologers and non-astrologers, but only those who have the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in the sign of the month will lead the discussion.

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Opening the Magic Windows – £35 course

A five-week course with Mary Attwood, Geoffrey Cornelius, Louise Livingstone, Angela Voss and William Rowlandson.
Sunday October 4,11,18,25 and November 1 from 3:00-4:14pm UK time

In this course, the core team of the MCS Centre will each explore their own ‘magic window’ into the world of the mysterious, the ineffable, the impossible, the extraordinary and the numinous.

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Introduction to Astrology with Angela Voss – £25

This two week course will be an introduction to astrological principles for those with little or no previous knowledge. Please email me at if you wish to attend and for payment details, as numbers will be limited. Cost will be £25 for both sessions.

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How to Look at Art – Mary Attwood

via Surrey Adult Learning, starting Monday 21st Sept- 19th Oct, 10am- 1pm - ZOOM class.

This five week course is an extension of the one off classes I have taught on the same topic before. With our museums and galleries full of wonderful works of art, the average visitor still spends only an average of fifteen seconds in front of a work of art. How do we look at art for longer, how do we find a way in and what do we look for?

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Leonardo Da Vinci – His Life and Work – Mary Attwood

Two week course via Surrey Adult Learning, Wednesday 4th November and Wednesday 11th November, 7- 9pm - ZOOM classes.

Often heralded as the archetypal Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci was truly one of the great polymaths of his time and arguably unrivalled since. Scientist, mathematician, inventor, painter, sculptor and writer, Leonardo had an insatiable yearning to discover what might lie behind the world of natural phenomena.

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