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On the Cosmic Humanities (given at the conference Re-enchanting the Academy, September 2015)

by Professor Jeffrey J. Kripal (seen here with Professor Roderick Main)

Sticher – Subversive Studies

A Methodology of the Imagination

Angela Voss

Dr. Angela Voss and I discuss “A Methodology of the Imagination,” transformative learning, magical and divinatory ways of knowing, balancing the rational and the intuitive, scholarship as initiation, the personal daimon and the daimonic, and Marsilio Ficino’s astrological music therapy.

Expanding Mind Podcast

Imaginal Lanscapes with William Rowlandson

Scholar, writer, and mythographer William Rowlandson talks about Jorge Luis Borges, magical trees, Yankee mysticism, and the power of the weird and murky.

BBC Radio 4: In Our Time: The Music of the Spheres

with guest Angela Voss

The Secret Life of Statues by Angela Voss

In this lecture, I talk about the ancient art of telestike, or the ritual animation of statues, and how we have now lost the mode of perception required to bring matter alive through the power of attention.

Neoplatonism with Dr Angela Voss

by Wise Studies | In this podcast we discuss Angela's interest in the Renaissance philosopher Marsilio Ficino *The relationship between art, religion and science *Who were the neoplatonists? *Neoplatonic ritual *The neoplatonic goal *The prominence of its practice *The influence of neoplatonic ideas on contemporary esoteric, spiritual and scientific thought

The Mortality and Anonymity of the Iamblichean Soul (lecture given at the University of Kent, 2007)

by Professor Gregory Shaw

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