Petite Pandora – An Archetypal Adventure

I wrote and illustrated a children’s story based on the ‘Fool’s Journey’ of the tarot cards, which sees the main character Pandora embark on a quest for self-realisation by facing the archetypal forces of the psyche and maintaining the courage to see her journey through to completion. Before writing the story I engaged in a ritual based on Ficino’s natural magic; I created a sacred space with an altar and gathered a selection of metals, crystals, flowers and images to act as baits or lures for the energies of the planets I wished to harness. Finally I set my intention for the project: to produce a story that would help myself and others expand into a greater wisdom and awareness. Through the story of Petite Pandora’s journey, I hope to activate the archetypal images of the reader’s imagination, to familiarise them with these unseen forces and to encourage them onto their own paths of self-realisation.


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