Please find below a list of our past Tuesday evening talks, Sunday Seminars and longer courses we have been honoured to host; including the world’s leading spiritual thinkers, depth psychologists, esotericists, humanists, philosophers,  and eco-scientists.

Sept 2022 – July 2023

Speaker – Title

Sept 2021 – July 2022


Dr Joseph Milne: The Law of Nature

Philip Marvin: What is in a Shakespeare Sonnet?

Dr Patrick Curry: Enchantment

Joe Safdie: Invisible Reality of the Muses

Dr Bernardo Kastrup: On Myth, Allegory and Symbol 

Dr Louise Livingstone: You Are, Because Yew Is

Victoria Field: Imaginary Gardens and Real Toads

Valentin Gerlier: Shakespeare’s Sacred Spaces

Dr Amber Jacobs: On the Cunning of Metis

Dr Stephan Harding: Gaia Alchemy

Dr Jeffrey Kripal: The Truth Is Right Here

Professor Gregory Shaw: The Unsayable in Platonism

Dr Louise Livingstone: The Ancient Stones Are Speaking

Dr Becca Tarnas – Archetypes, Synchronicity & Magic

Baiba Baika: Exploring the Mystery of Death Through Sacred Plant Medicine

Dr Louise Livingstone: The Spiralling Heart

Mary Attwood: The Creative Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci

Dr Iain McGilchrist: A Sense of the Sacred

Dr William Rowlandson: Away With the Fairies

Anna Breytenbach: Interspecies Communication

Dr Louise Livingstone & Jay Livingstone: Conversations With Gaia

Joe Safdie: The Mystery of William Blake 

Githa Ben-David – Heal the Pineal

Sept 2020 – July 2021

Sonia McNally: Active Visions of Tarot

Simao Cortes: Dreams and the Sacred

Dr Angela Voss, Dr Louise Livingstone, Mary Attwood, Dr Geoffrey Cornelius & Dr William Rowlandson – Opening the Magic Windows series

Dr Angela Voss, Dr Louise Livingstone, Mary Attwood, Dr Geoffrey Cornelius & Dr William Rowlandson – Crossing the Threshold series

Sharon Blackie, PhD: Inner Imaginarium

Dr William Rowlandson: Wilding the Psyche

Dr Geoffrey Cornelius: Symbol and the Sacred

Dr Angela Voss & Mary Attwood: Botticelli’s Prima Vera

Dr Louise Livingstone & Mary Attwood: The World Is Speaking: How Do We Reply?

Marguerite Rigoglioso, PhD: Mother Mary and the Mystery of the Divine Conception 

Dr Mark Vernon: Dante’s Illumination 

Maggie Hyde: Soothsaying

Tom Bree: Pilgrimage Through Wells Cathedral 

Dr Angela Voss & Mary Attwood: Botticelli’s Birth of Venus

Philip Marvin: Levels of Meaning in Shakespeare 

Dr Louise Livingstone: Introduction to Goethean Enquiry 

Dr Louise Livingstone: Meeting the World Through the Heart

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