Why are we doing this?

We believe that as we move into the future, it is becoming ever more vital to preserve an integrative, soul-based approach to learning about our deep selves, our relationship to nature, the cosmos and the ‘bigger picture’ of our spiritual identity. In our view, sustainability is not just about creating a new vision for environmental concerns and the health of our planet, but must include a new vision for cognitive health through revisioning educational principles to include the full spectrum of human ways of knowing. This includes the intuitive, the enchanted, the magical, the mysterious and the ineffable as well as the empirical—insights evoked by dream, by myth, by symbol, by altered states of consciousness, by creative imagination and spiritual vision. Most importantly, we promote a conscious reflexivity, and what Jeffrey Kripal calls “the prophetic function of the humanities” – to dare to move into uncharted territories of questioning and exploration of our own personal and cultural assumptions about the nature of reality and knowledge, and create new paradigms. As Kripal observes,

“We are in the midst of a global climate crisis and another great extinction event … and if we do not recognize that we ourselves and our most cherished beliefs are themselves the problems, how can we effectively address such a global crisis?”

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