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The heart of what we do – we seek to broaden our understanding of the world and our place in it, not narrow it. We uphold academic rigour while also placing great importance on the intuitive and imaginal – more embodied and experiential ways of engaging with learning and the world. We create the possibility to build bridges between the rational, the imagination and the sacred, without dismissing any of them. It is only when these modes of knowing work in isolation – only the rational, only the imagination, or only the sacred – that our vision and experience of ourselves and the world becomes distorted. When all these faculties work in harmony with each other, possibilities open for deeper meaning-making and a sense of something more in relationship with the world and each other.

With a firm awareness of the issues arising in our modern world, we look to the richness of the past and to the wisdom of the Earth to inform and guide our events, talks, courses, retreats and online Diploma. We take particular care to honour the foundations of our existence; the myths, images, ideas and people that have been lost over time and how these voices might be heard today.

History: The Centre is built on the foundation of the Masters degree of the same name which ran at CCCU from 2014 to 2021, and prior to this it was based at the University of Kent.

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