Opening the Archives of the Impossible: Some Personal Reflections 

with Professor Jeffrey Kripal  

Sunday 30th October 2022 – 3:00pm-5:00pm: £15 (UK time) via Zoom

Jeff will reflect on the opening of Rice University’s Archives of the Impossible (named after his intellectual history of the paranormal, Authors of the Impossible) and why the response to this event was so overwhelming. With over 1,700 registrants and literally hundreds of thousands of views of the plenaries and panels, something is going on of great significance. There is a “spiritual hunger” in the world that is not met by naive or literal beliefs or strictly secular and rational debunking. Jeff reflects on what that “third space” looks like and why it is the next big thing.  

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Professor Jeffrey Kripal,is the J. Newton Rayzor Professor of Religion and associate dean of humanities at Rice University, Texas, is trained as a historian of religions, and this is the lens through which he studies the paranormal. He has given over 100 lectures and authored several books on the intersection of these topics, including Authors of the Impossible (2010) , Seriously Strange (2012), The Super Natural (2017), The Flip (2019)

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