Night Sky Mars


Modern astrologers calculate their horoscopes with computers but many are also enchanted by looking at the actual sky at night. Recently, despite cloudy days, the sky has been very clear at night in south-east England, where I live, and night after night it has been stunning to see Mars so bright. That’s because Mars comes nearest to the earth (called perigee) on 14th October. Mars rises after sunset around 6.30 pm and becomes more prominent as the sky darkens but look south around midnight to 1.00am and you cannot miss the red planet. 

To astrologers, unfortunately Mars symbolism is often indicative of trouble and traditionally this planet is associated with pestilence and disease. Throughout the covid crisis it has been prominent, as it is for all of October (see my article, Mars 2020). Covid matters may be mushrooming now but because we can actually SEE Mars, this may indicate that we may also be getting some insight into what we are dealing with and how best to cope with corona. Mars has come out of the shadows to become an open enemy, not a secret one.  Significantly, Mars changes direction on 14th November so whatever frustrating issue you’re dealing with, whatever is being put on the back burner this October, hang on in there until things move on next month.








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