Natural Magic

with Dr Angela Voss

Sunday 18th April 2021, 11am – 12:30pm (UK time) via Zoom

What is magic? In this webinar we will look at the classical, medieval and Renaissance
understanding of the sympathy between all things which gave rise to practices of natural
magic, including talismanic, astral, musical and astrological ways of aligning one’s soul to
archetypal or divine energies. We will consider the differences between natural and
‘daimonic’ magic, between natural sympathy and ritual practice, and the cosmologies in
which such practices arise which are so different from our modern scientific worldview.
The power of the imagination to effect changes in oneself and the world lies at the heart
of pre-modern magic of all kinds, and we will look at different ways in which the
Renaissance magi put this into practice, with particular emphasis on Marsilio Ficino’s
Three Books on Life of 1489.

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