Meeting the World Through the Heart with Louise Livingstone

Sunday July 25th 2021 – 3:00pm-5:00pm (UK time) via Zoom

As Iain McGilchrist states in his book The Master and His Emissary, “The model we choose to understand something determines what we find….Our first leap determines where we land” (2012, p.97). Expanding our enquiry deeper into the imaginal realms, in this session we continue to take the imagination seriously and move into our heart space; known through various discourses as an organ of imaginal perception.

Expanding through and beyond Goethe’s imaginal method, we open up into our heart space and invite the possibility of the world into our heart’s awareness, taking time to contemplate what this might mean for us in relationship with life itself. Working from the foundational principle that the heart receives the world through image and direct experience, we open up to the idea that the heart’s language is therefore symbolic and metaphoric – helping us to develop our imaginal capabilities and intuition, and to open to the possibility of hearing the world speaking to us on a deeper level. In this sense, a portal opens onto a plane of experience from which we can begin to contemplate a living, breathing world, and perhaps connect with presence of Gaia. From this point, we find ourselves in a position from which we can contemplate the possibility of how the heart might help us to meet the world differently, and what implications this might have for contemporary society. 

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