Company of Astrologers – MARS 2020 – And the Comet Comes,Too with Maggie Hyde

Part of a transcript of a Webinar held on 8th August 2020



Mars retrograde square

The retrograde square of Mars over the Capricorn group in late September and October is certainly a time to be mindful of further events and of a second wave or lockdown. (See picture 1) This is also the period of Mars perigee, nearest the earth, on 14 October, and it does not go direct until mid-November. With transits, it is often the second, retrograde contact which demarcates the specific events of the transit as a whole and this may be so here.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Autumn Equinox

Mars is again dominant at the autumn equinox on 22 September (See picture 2). It is retrograde on the IC, locked into an opposition with Mercury across the MC/IC and caught up with a T-square to the Capricorn group. This is a calling to account, a reckoning, going over the past of who did what and when in relation to decisions made about the pandemic. This opposition indicates recriminations, accusations, lies and bitter words. The October Mars retrograde squares to the Capricorn planets could trigger further Covid outbreaks, lockdowns and a tough period, especially financially. The chart shows struggles with property, house prices, evictions (Mars on IC squaring 2nd), jobs and careers undecided and in abeyance (Mercury Libra 10th), a furious sense of injustice with government stone-walling (Capricorn planets) and lies and vacillation (Mercury on Midheaven). A very good article in The Observer by Andrew Rawnsley remarked that Boris Johnson was right to be worried about a second spike because if it happened, his head would be on it. How well this fits the opposition of Mercury-Mars on the meridian! A key question has to be asked – will this government survive? The Sun is in the 9th of foreign affairs and legalities, Mercury, ruler of the 9th is on the MC and the Brexit issue, kicked into the long grass, could resurface with a bang.



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