From the Great Eleusinian Relief

Life between Lives Therapy: A Mystery Ritual for Modern Times by Angela Voss

In Divination: Perspectives for the New Millenium, ed. P. Curry, Farnham: Ashgate, 211-242.

When you are about to die…[The guardians of Hades] will surely ask you…for what reason you seek out the darkness of dank Hades. Say ‘I am a child of Earth and the starry Sky, and I am parched with thirst and I am perishing. But give me quickly cold water to drink from the lake of Memory’. And above all, they will announce you to the king under the earth. And above all, they will give you to drink from the lake of Memory. And what is more, why you have drunk, you will travel a road, a sacred road, which other famous mystai  and bakchoi also tread


The theme of this chapter arose through a strange coincidence and a dream, which I shall briefly relate. Some time ago a friend introduced me to the work of Michael Newton, and I spent a session with my MA students discussing the question of regression therapy and spiritual encounter in relation to Hermetic texts and the mundus imaginalis of Henry Corbin. Shortly after this, I received an email, quite out of the blue, from Michael Newton himself. He was looking for a university department where he could develop his client work into a doctoral thesis, and this initiated a flow of personal communication on the subject of life between lives (LBL) therapy. It was also suring this time that I had a dream of particular relevance: I was walking through the medieval streets of Canterbury, which metamorphosed into the skyscrapers of New York. I saw the twin towers of the World Trade Center on fire and, as I watched, people were jumping from the towers. I focused on one young woman who was falling, and noticed with surprise that she was very happy; indeed, when she hit the ground, she did not die, but simply got up, dusted herself off and kept walking. I was carrying a precious bundle which was at first a cat, then turned into my son as a young baby. I knew I must not put it down for it couldn’t yet walk, but that I must carry it safely back to the university.

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