Learning JournalS AND WRITE-UPS

The Learning Journal consists of ongoing personal reflections on the course material by each student. Throughout the duration of the taught modules students  recorded their responses to issues raised in the lectures, seminars and group discussions. The aim of the Learning Journal was to provide a space for creative and reflective expressions relating to the student’s current writing and research, and may take the form of dream diaries, poems, synchronicities, or other imaginative and symbolic formats. 

Alchemy of Psychological and Spiritual Awakening - Tanya Adolpho



This essay will provide a summary of how this master’s activated a deep desire to heal ancestral and individual trauma within me, subsequently awakening a call to change. I will begin by looking at the power of creating a learning journal and its importance in helping individuals connect with the course material. Robert Johnson observes an old Christian saying in Inner Work that ‘one had not prayed unless one’s lips had moved’, meaning that something physical had to happen to create a psychological shift in awareness (1986, p. 66). My personal learning journal has been the pivotal platform to experience this shift in awareness. I firmly believe that we all possess an innate
ability to heal and that we all have a spiritual responsibility to access this space for the greater good of both our higher selves and humanity. I believe that the power of writing can act as the tool to open this healing space.



Click here to access: Alchemy of Psychological and Spiritual Awakening

Hestia's Throne - Simão Cortês


I am standing in the dim lighted temple waiting for my turn to go and speak to the channeling medium. This is a Gira de Exú a ritual to the chthonic gods and daimones of the African derived Brazilian traditions. Exús are well known to be particularly honest and ruthless entities and I am nervous because I feel my life is about to change although no one knows about it yet except my closest family.
As I get close to the channeling medium the entire room vibrates to the sound of the drums and his guttural laugh. Exús are well known for their powerful laughter. He is dressed in black, white and red with a top hat and a long black cloak. No one knows the name of this medium’s Exú, but we call him Exú Capa-Preta, Exú Black-Cloak. “You have no idea what is about to hit you.” he said to me “In a few months, you will not recognize yourself when you look at a mirror. It will hurt, but you will never be the same.” All the other things he told me, discretion forbids me to say here, but a few days after this
encounter I was officially accepted in the Master’s in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred.



Click here to access: Hestia’s Throne by Simão Cortês

Learning Journal - Hannah Jayne

Throughout this documentation of my learning journal process I will be referring to the poem ‘Creed’ by Padraig O Tuama (2013, p. 42). I feel it serves as a biography, both for my broader spiritual progress, and more specifically my personal journey on the MA. I have included the full text of the poem, plus a link to a recording, in the appendix.

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Learning Journal Review - Katherine Pierpoint


This document was typed up while reviewing many handwritten, sometimes contradictory, personal Learning Journals kept for the first M.A. year. There is one aim – to allow reflective learning, in at least three areas – the course material, the learning process, and the inner process. Different voices therefore speak; a selective editor now, plus the sometimes febrile, hasty or conflicted voice ‘then’, saying what I thought at the time of journal entry. Both have their wisdoms. Yet there is also no Leavisite ‘final word’, more a sympathetic, conscious engagement, learning how to work with a

scholarly view of the topics instead of my more customary reactive, emotional and imaginative way as a working poet . I particularly love language, and look for ways ‘to enter into the word that is at the same time a gateway into an imagination of the soul of the world…’ (Sardello, 1994, p.xi) and ‘the word as angel of the soul’ (ibid., p.xiii).



Click here to access: Katherine’s Learning Journal Review

Learning Journal Review - Alice Winborn


 This essay is my attempt to piece together a coherent narrative from my entries in my Learning Journal. For me the Learning Journal has been at the heart of the MA, holding together all the disparate reflections and questions relating to the programme material, a blank page onto which I could write down my thoughts and untangle my ideas. I have always kept a journal so the act of writing each day was not a difficult one for me, rather I found it more challenging to stay afloat in the ocean of images, poems and reflections that came to me during this time. 


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Learning Journal sketch book by Stephanie Smart

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