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Dante’s Illumination: An Introduction to the Divine Comedy – Dr Mark Vernon – Talk with Q&A – £10 – DOWNLOAD
Mother Mary & the Mystery of Divine Conception – Marguerite Rigoglioso, PhD – Talk with Q&A – £10 – DOWNLOAD
Botticelli Primavera with Angela Voss and Mary Attwood – £15 – DOWNLOAD
Wilding the Psyche – William Rowlandson talk with Q&A – £10 – DOWNLOAD
Calling and the Inner Imaginarium – Sharon Blackie talk with Q&A – £10 – DOWNLOAD
Dreams and the Sacred – 4 part course with Simão Cortês – £40 – DOWNLOAD
From Renaissance Magic to Baroque Nostalgia – 4 Part Course with Angela Voss – £40 – DOWNLOAD
Beyond Flatland – Discussion Day – Recordings DOWNLOAD
The Art of Seeing background lecture Part 1 with Mary Attwood – £10
Wholeness: perceiving dynamic unity, with Louise Livingstone – £5
Transforming the heart: from biological pump to producer of knowledge, with Louise Livingstone – £5
Creating safe spaces for the heart in relation to global challenges, with Louise Livingstone £5
Introduction to Goethean enquiry: a different way of seeing for contemporary times, with Louise Livingstone – £10
Research Lecture – The heart speaks: reimagining the heart for contemporary times, with Louise Livingstone £10
Leonardo da Vinci – The Last Supper, with Angela Voss £10
Renaissance Music and Magic with Angela Voss – £10
Taking the lead from nature: why creativity matters in research – with Angela Voss – £5

 Welcome to our new independent centre

Our centre is indebted to the work of the Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred MA academic initiative which was located in Canterbury, UK between 2006 and 2021. Building on that initiative, our individual Faculties offer studies in the Arts and Humanities, Goethean enquiry and Heart Sense, myth and symbolic cosmology (including astrology and divination), esoteric philosophy, transpersonal psychology and much more. In times when education and learning has fallen under a reductionist view, we offer a space where wisdom, imagination, intuition and self- knowledge come together. We hope to reclaim something of the depth and breadth of learning which is fast being lost in current educational organisations, and offer enriching learning which has the potential to reveal life and world-altering epistemologies. We create a space within which to engage with ‘impossible’ subjects which outreach the limits of the rational mind and require a new, imaginal voice which combines vision with discernment. It is a space in which you are invited to participate – a ‘mystery school’ for our challenging times – in order to heal the age-old split between head, hands and heart; mind, soul and body; divinity, humanity and nature. 

 Find out about this image – the Magic Tortoise


Would you like to become a patron of higher and transformative learning? Now that our Centre is up and running, we are continuing our fundraising campaign to allow it to grow and develop. We are specifically looking to fund a) a sophisticated online teaching platform b) continued running costs of the website c) a film and/or docudrama on the Italian Renaissance and d) the hiring of a beautiful venue where we can hold retreats, courses and soul-nourishing activities.

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What is the Imaginal?

The imaginal world “is neither literal nor abstract and yet is utterly real, with its own laws and purposes” (Hillman, 1991, 6).

Jeff Kripal writes in Authors of the Impossible:

‘Myers became convinced that in certain contexts, the imagination can take on genuinely transcendental capacities, that is, that it can make contact with what appears to be a real spiritual world, or, at the very least, an entirely different order of mind and consciousness. The imaginal is the imagination on steroids. The imaginary is Clark Kent, the normal. The imaginal is Superman, the supernormal. Same guy, different suits. The Human as Two.’ (83)

Imaginal perception is understood “as engendering a kind of knowledge which arises from the confluence of inner recognition with ‘external’ reality” (Voss, 2009, 37–38).


Henry Corbin: “Between [the empirical world and the world of the abstract intellect] there is a world that is both intermediary and intermediate, described by our authors as the world of the image, the mundus imaginalis: a world that is ontologically as real as the world of the senses and that of the intellect. This world requires its own faculty of perception, namely, imaginative power, a faculty with a cognitive function, a noetic value which is as real as that of sense perception or intellectual intuition. We must be careful not to confuse it with the imagination identified by so-called modern man with “fantasy”, and which, according to him, is nothing but an outpour of “imaginings”. 

“Spiritual reality envelops, surrounds, contains so-called material reality. Spiritual reality can therefore not be found “in the where”. The “where” is in it. In other words, spiritual reality itself is the “where” of all things.”



You can have the body of a god

with Simon Wilson


Explore Fra Angelico’s ‘Annunciation’ with Mary Attwood.



On the Cosmic Humanities

Re-Enchanting the Academy

26 September 2015

Canterbury Christ Church University

This is the keynote address given by Jeffrey Kripal, who is the associate dean of the faculty and graduate programs in the School of the Humanities and the J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University. He is also the associate director of the Center for Theory and Research at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

Read the accompanying paper: On the Cosmic Humanities for Canterbury Jeffrey Kripal


Over four weeks, Mary and Louise explore expanded ways of seeing and knowing that carry the potential to alter ways of perceiving and engaging with the world. Through Renaissance art and Goethean enquiry, Mary and Louise explore the starved version of normality that many people live in today in contemporary society; opening eyes, hearts and minds to ancient ways of knowing that honour intuition, sensory experience and imaginal consciousness.

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