From Renaissance Magic to Baroque Nostalgia: Ficino, Dowland and Monteverdi


This course investigates a rich and dynamic period of cultural history, exploring how the newly discovered esoteric philosophy of Hermeticism and Neoplatonism influenced 15th century practices of musical and astral magic.

Part 1: The Astral Magic of Masilio Ficino

Part 2: John Dowland’s Hermetic Tears

Part 3: The Florentine Camerata and Monteverdi’s ‘new music’

Part 4: Monteverdi and the end of the Renaissance

The course includes full recordings of all the music explored as well as copies of the powerpoint presentations used in the video lectures. Access to a Facebook Group is also included where questions and answers can be shared.

With lots of ‘bonus’ material including an introductory lecture given in association with the Fintry Trust, the course also contains ‘Secrets of the Heavens’ music and texts (live concert recording worth £10).

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