Baiba Baika is originally from Latvia, but lives and works in Germany. Baiba is a teacher and a soul midwife. She is also a co-founder and research project manager at Consciousness Medicine Foundation Latvia. The main goal of the foundation is to promote scientific research and clinical trials of sacred plant medicines in Eastern Europe. Baiba’s main research interests are: consciousness at death; psychedelics, and altered states of consciousness in healing. She has an MA in transformative education from Canterbury Christ Church University. Her dissertation is about psychedelic-assisted guiding of the dying mind through the transition and beyond. Baiba has integrated her education, skills, and experience into a plant-medicine-assisted sitting with the dying. She is currently developing a school of the Art of Dying. Her own personal purpose is to share the wisdom, skills and experience acquired during her lifetime with people from all around the world and from all walks of life and to help then acquire a positive mindful experience at death.

Exploring the Mystery of Death Through Sacred Plant Medicines

with Baiba Baika 

Sunday 3rd April 2022

3.00pm – 5.00pm (UK Time) via Zoom

In this seminar, Baiba Baika draws on her Masters dissertation (achieved through the MA Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred at Canterbury Christ Church University) and her on-going research – Journeying Beyond the Fear of Dying: Psychedelic-Assisted Guiding of the Dying Through the Transition and Beyond. Baiba addresses the oldest and biggest fear of humanity – the fear of facing one’s own mortality. It is a pivotal time to talk about this, specifically with the arrival of new viruses, climate change and the constant threat of war. In this seminar, Baiba asks what is death and why do we have fears around it? Can we have a positive experience at death? If yes, how can we achieve it? Could an understanding of the human brain and consciousness solve the problem? Could sacred plant medicines be our allies to teach us to die peacefully and in full awareness? Can the ancient Mystery Schools and the practice of dying before dying be good examples how to ready ourselves for the ultimate journey? Together we will explore these questions. 

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