STARTING AUTUMN 2022 – Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred Diploma Course 2022-2023 – Register Your Interest Now

The Centre for Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred is delighted to announce its first Diploma certificated ONLINE course. This course has been created to fill the space between A Level and a Bachelor’s degree with a richness of learning and research which is transformative. We will explore the power of symbol, metaphor and the mythopoetic imagination within the realm of contemporary ways of knowing, together with their practical application which benefits society and the world. When we engage with these areas of study, they are not just concepts or information, but become wisdom-enriched pathways that reveal our inner worlds.

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Heart Sense Private Mentoring Sessions via Zoom – Dr Louise Livingstone – Running Throughout The Year

One-to-One Support/Mentoring/Readings. Private sessions with Louise Livingstone, PhD (MSc, BA, PGDipCEIG, VTCT, AAMET EFT, INLPTA). Reconnect with your heart and align to the inherent wisdom that lies within, learn to understand how your heart speaks to you and guides you through life, and gain confidence and trust in your heart for personal transformation; particularly important in these rapidly changing and challenging times. "Committing to journey back to our own heart is one of the most courageous and important steps that any of us can take in our world today" - Louise Livingstone.
Each session is one hour online via Zoom. All sessions are recorded. You will receive the audio recording via WeTransfer after the session has taken place.

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Conversations with Gaia with Dr Louise Livingstone & Jay Livingstone via Zoom – Sunday 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th May, 5th, 12th June 2022 – 3pm-5pm – £60

This course is inspired by the theme of Robin Wall Kimmerer’s wonderful book Braiding Sweetgrass (2013) that encourages us, through indigenous teachings, to see the world as a gift. Innate within the energy of gift lies relationships, and the notion of reciprocity. In turn, at the heart of relationship and reciprocity lies openness, love, understanding, give and take, and, conversation.

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Interspecies Communication and Community with Anna Breytenbach – Tuesday 24 May 2022 – 6:30pm-8.00pm (UK time) – via Zoom – £10

A natural birthright of all beings is the ability to communicate across apparent species boundaries. This creative and constructive imperative is at the heart of coexistence. We modern humans have fallen into a fog of forgetfulness - yet our true nature is that of connection and kinship. Beyond words and behaviour, we are in a dynamic quantum dance with the more-than-human world. Bringing our conscious awareness to these unspoken conversations is a great remembering. Through Anna's stories and gentle guidance, we come to appreciate how accessible and intimate our intuition is. Interspecies communication is a beautiful way to restore our reverence for all life.

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The Mystery of William Blake – An Introduction with Joe Safdie – Tuesday 7 June 2022 – 6.30pm – 8.00pm UK Time – Via Zoom – £10

“Those who have been told,” William Blake pled in his “Descriptive Catalog” of works for sale, “that my Works are but an unscientific and irregular Eccentricity, a Madman’s Scrawls, I demand of them to do me the justice to examine before they decide.” Unfortunately, relatively few people have taken him up on that invitation, which is a shame, because once one starts looking into what he produced, he comes to seem very sane indeed – too sane, perhaps, for his contemporaries, and maybe even for us.

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“A Solstice Mystery for the Solstice”: Celtic Myth, Sacrifice and Archetype with The Sacred Well Murders – Susan Rowland, PhD – Tuesday 21 June 2022 – 6.30pm – 8.00pm UK Time – Via Zoom – £10

If we do not individuate our gods, we may become possessed by them. Europeans today have roots in indigenous societies who found their sacred in nature. The Celts lived by embodying myth and ritual in ways hard to imagine for the fragile western consciousness of today. For those of us at least 2000 years removed from indigenous sacred cosmologies, what is at stake when we try to connect with these origins?

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Heal the Pineal with Distant Sound Healing with Githa Ben-David – Tuesday 5th July 2022 – 6:30-8:00pm UK time – via Zoom – £10

During the Corona time, Githa Ben-David started to work online and found that her vocal sound scanning method, based on work with “The Note from Heaven”, had even stronger impact when distant.

Some of the essential points of, for example, dissolving a tumour with distant sound scanning is “knowing” that you can. Another point is that the receiver must be ready to open their awareness because a physical healing always requires an expansion of consciousness, This is the challenge of any illness. A faithful surrendering will lead to a belief which gradually turns into "knowing”. Githa Ben-David will demonstrate a distant sound scanning.

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A New Image of God with Anne Baring – Sunday 25th September 2022 – via Zoom – 3pm-5pm UK Time – £15

Ours is a culture which has no vision. It is at present imprisoned in a dying or outworn image of God and in a secular view of reality which has cut us off from the Earth and the Cosmos and from our own soul. Despite all the talk of freedom and human rights, countless millions live their lives in bondage to patriarchal images of God which are limited in concept and rigid in their authoritarian control over the human spirit.

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