Earth Lights, Earth Angel by Simon Wilson

From Hunter, J. (Ed) Greening the Paranormal: Exploring the Ecology of Extraordinary (2019), August Night Press

This chapter argues that… a multidimensional transformation is evoked and enacted in Paul Devereux’s writing on what he calls Earth Lights. Drawing on the work of other researchers Devereux developed a hypothesis which was intended to account primarily for UFOs, but also illuminated the origins of many other anomalous phenomena, such as ghosts, fairies, Marian apparitions, etc. (depending on the cultural milieu of the witness).

Devereux is a well-know and well-respected figure in what use to be called ‘Earth Mysteries,’ ‘a modern attempt to uncover the wisdom of the ancient mind and apply some of the truths it contained’ as he himself described the field (1999, p.1).

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