Diploma Testimonials

I loved every second of this Diploma. It was an intense but wonderful experience that opened my soul to alternate ways of seeing and feeling the world, and made me aware of very important things in my life that I had hitherto overlooked. I genuinely believe that I am a better person for having done this course. Thank you Angela, Louise and Mary for making it possible.


From the moment I saw this ‘Diploma in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred’ advertised, I knew it was for me. Being online meant it would be fully accessible, no matter where any participant lived and, as I was about to retire from my university teaching role just as the course was starting, the timing felt perfect for my circumstances. I booked my place, the course began and, to be frank, I haven’t looked back.

 The course is fulfilling my every hope and expectation. I was full of anticipation and enthusiasm when I began, and the enthusiasm hasn’t waned, but has simply strengthened. I feel already that I have deepened and grown. The course materials are generous in their provision – stimulating, engaging and inspiring. Naturally, I haven’t yet been able to read everything – even though I feel like a child in a sweet shop at times! – but I hope to have read most of it by the end, and how much we do is very much up to us. The tutors are wonderfully supportive and accessible guides, warm, inspiring and informative in equal measure,  and there is an online learning platform that is easy to navigate and very user-friendly – though, of course, everything new presents a little learning challenge in the initial stages. The tutors have provided an enriching blend of reading materials, and each module contains recorded and live lectures, with downloadable PDF Powerpoints. There is a useful discussion forum provided where participants can share thoughts and ideas, and ask questions.

 I greatly value feeling encouraged to bring my whole self to my studies – my head, yes, but also my heart, body, soul, imagination, creativity. Early on, there is an introduction to the ‘learning journal’, something we are asked to keep during the course, to help us process our learning and chart our experience. Developing reflective skills feels important, holistically, and, if we are wrestling with something, which is certainly part of the learning process, then we can work it through between those pages, as well as reaching out to the tutors for a chat. In this way, the course journey is far from being a lonely one, despite its ‘distance learning’ provision. I love the authors, thinkers and philosophers I have been introduced to so far – including the writings of the three tutors themselves, each of them skilled in particular areas. All the thinkers introduced are making terrific contributions, across the disciplines, including the sciences and religions, to a changing paradigm where a wiser, more integrated worldview is (hopefully!) being ushered in. Being part of that conversation, turning with those ideas for ourselves, is part of what this course invites us to do, encouraging us to play to our strengths and interests while also opening us up to new avenues of learning. For me, this course feels tailor-made for a perfect fit, and, without wishing to sound pompous or portentous, I feel it also serves an important role in transformative learning, helping to facilitate the conversations we need to be having in our day and age. Thanks to all concerned.


Taking the Diploma course was, for me, like opening an amazing treasure chest, overflowing with gold and jewels of all kinds…I was shown writings by long-revered authors, and images by valued artists, and encouraged to explore them all, interweaving them with my own experiences so far in life.  This course allowed me to take a deep dive into a tradition I had heard of, and sensed I might be a member of.  As I studied, reflected, and wrote, I became more grounded in the validity and beauty of living with one foot always in the Imaginal realm. I have emerged more trusting of my art, and of my capacity to teach with authority.

Kat Taylor, artist

The Myth, Cosmology and The Sacred Diploma gathers together an eclectic mix of Platonic, Pythagorean, Renaissance, mythological, psycho-spiritual, astrological and symbolic material. There is other stuff too. It is offered in the most user-friendly way. That’s a long way of saying that you will be invited to look at and absorb art, thought and feeling, curated and blended in a way that will reveal and enhance your own journey to the infinite.
Angela, Louise and Mary have developed an approach that honors both heart and mind. Their method enhances the understanding of works of great art as it does works of great thought. Along the way, you are accompanied by treasures of philosophy and you are invited to trace the origins of the paradigm in which we live today and consider where it might go from here. A unique blend of academic archeology and forward looking creativity.
The Enlightenment, and surely that name is a triumph of public relations, gave us the foundations of modern engineering, mathematics and physics; not to mention free market capitalism, and the mechanistic world view which has now extended far beyond the outer planets. It contains the seed causes for the global ecocide in which we presently find ourselves. 
Set against the looming catastrophe, there is effort at all levels and pervasively to explore harmonious potentials. This Diploma is a grass-roots level contribution for those with academic leanings who know that the mind does not know everything. To look through a heart lens enlivens everything one sees.
The diploma is a smorgasbord of delights rich in nourishment for the soul. Inter-disciplinary it acquaints the student with beauties in thinking, feeling and accomplishment. In a world overwhelmed by product, meaning is often in short supply. 


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