Company of Astrologers – Covid 19 with Maggie Hyde

Transcript of a Webinar held on 24th May 2020

Without doubt, the late André Barbault was on the ball with his prediction of a pandemic outbreak in 2020-21. Discussing in 2011 what he termed the „Cyclical Index‟ and solar imbalance, he wrote,

“It may well be that we are seriously threatened by a new pandemic in 2020-2021, a period which is at the lowest point in the Cyclic Index for the whole of the 21st century; it has a quintet of slow planets gathered within about 100 degrees (of each other), and which includes a Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction that more particularly, and even specifically, lends itself to the „stuff‟ of this imbalance. However, this configuration can also transfer its dissonant core to the field of geophysical disasters. And, in last place, it wouldn‟t spare the world of international business because nature and society would be indiscriminately affected.”

Barbault‟s cyclical index is an analysis of the imbalance arising in the solar system. He remarks,

“cosmic imbalance arises when powerful planets gather in clusters around the sun …. the sun
is more active when it is de-centred in the planetary assembly”.

So, if we imbalance the sun we imbalance the cosmos and ourselves. Sounds like Shakespeare‟s „medicinable eye‟. And of course, the corona, visible at eclipses, is the huge columns of the sun‟s own substance that it flings out from itself when it is disturbed, as in the sunspot cycles. For more on this, I refer you to Barbault‟s article republished in the current AA Journal (May/June 2020).


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