The Art of Seeing the Passion of Christ   Thursday 27th April 2023 7-8pm UK time via Zoom £10 with Mary Attwood  7-8pm UK ti   “The experience of the Mass is therefore a participation in the transcendence of life, which overcomes all bounds of space and...

  Lives of the Great Artists Six Week Course Mondays Mondays 25th April, 2nd May, 9th May, 16th May, 23rd May, 30th May 2022  10am – 1pm, via Zoom £120 – Book before 1st April 2022 and save 30% Over the course of six weeks we will explore the lives and works of...
Why We Need Art with Mary Attwood – Sunday 5 December 2021 – 3.00-5.30pm (UK time) – via Zoom

Why We Need Art with Mary Attwood – Sunday 5 December 2021 – 3.00-5.30pm (UK time) – via Zoom

Exploring ways of seeing Art: Neuroscientific, Psychological, Philosophical and the Mystical
This session will include both theory and participation as we take a journey through the ways in which art can be perceived; from the neuroscientific, the psychological, the philosophical and the mystical, and the implications these approaches may have on us, the viewer, by seeing through these different lenses. For millennia Western art has been a means through which humans sought to understand their place in, and relationship to, the world. But in modern times, many of these approaches have been lost. As we track the points in our history where these changes occurred from the Reformation and subsequent Enlightenment, we will take a journey through the works of art themselves as artists sought to either express a loss of enchantment from the world, or conversely embrace it. Drawing on modern neuroscience, psychology, ancient Greek philosophy and the mystical traditions, each of these modes of knowing and approaches to art will be considered in turn as examples of great architecture, paintings and sculpture are explored. The work of ancient Greek and Renaissance philosophers, psychiatrist and author Dr Iain McGilchrist’s theory on the left and right brain hemispheres, Drs Carl Jung and James Hillman, and the mystical as expressed through ancient wisdom traditions will reveal different ways of seeing and attending to art, which claim to have the potential to be transformative for both image and seer.

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