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Introduction to Goethean Enquiry – DOWNLOAD with Louise Livingstone – £15 for full recording and handouts
Botticelli Birth of Venus – DOWNLOAD with Angela Voss and Mary Attwood – £15 for full recording and handouts
Summer School 2021
Dante’s Illumination: An Introduction to the Divine Comedy – Dr Mark Vernon – Talk with Q&A – £10 – DOWNLOAD
Mother Mary & the Mystery of Divine Conception – Marguerite Rigoglioso, PhD – Talk with Q&A – £10 – DOWNLOAD
Botticelli Primavera with Angela Voss and Mary Attwood – £15 – DOWNLOAD
Calling and the Inner Imaginarium – Sharon Blackie talk with Q&A – £10 – DOWNLOAD
Dreams and the Sacred – 4 part course with Simão Cortês – £40 – DOWNLOAD
From Renaissance Magic to Baroque Nostalgia – 4 Part Course with Angela Voss – £40 – DOWNLOAD
Enchantment with Patrick Curry – 14th September 2021 – 6.30pm-8pm (UK time) – via Zoom – £10
Beyond Flatland – Discussion Day – Recordings DOWNLOAD
The Art of Seeing background lecture Part 1 with Mary Attwood – £10
Wholeness: perceiving dynamic unity, with Louise Livingstone – £5
Transforming the heart: from biological pump to producer of knowledge, with Louise Livingstone – £5
Creating safe spaces for the heart in relation to global challenges, with Louise Livingstone £5
Research Lecture – The heart speaks: reimagining the heart for contemporary times, with Louise Livingstone £10
Leonardo da Vinci – The Last Supper, with Angela Voss £10
Renaissance Music and Magic with Angela Voss – £10
The Law of Nature and the Law of Drama with Dr Joseph Milne – 19 September 2021 – 3pm-4.30pm (UK time) – via Zoom – £15
What is in a Shakespeare Sonnet with Philip Marvin – 26 September 2021 – 3pm-4.30pm (UK time) – via Zoom – £15

Welcome to our independent centre for transformative learning which expands on the work of our postgraduate (MA and PhD) academic initiative in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred that ran at Canterbury Christ Church University between 2014 and 2021. Our ongoing work builds extensively on academic research, and in this website you will find links to all our live and downloadable offerings, our vision, people, fundraising, archive of MA material, bookshop and much more. Our events, lectures, webinars and courses fall into three main ‘umbrella’ themes, and are listed in the tabs below as well as in the main menus. We hope you will subscribe to our newsletter and participate in this exciting new initiative to awaken the eyes of imagination, and step into a sacred space where mind and heart can unite.

Arts & Humanities

The Arts and Humanities are becoming increasingly sidelined in mainstream education, where they are usually presented in ways which dilute, decode and deaden the very essence of what they seek to awaken. While conventional education seems to think spoon-feeding is the way to learning, we should remember the words of William Butler Yeats who said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”, words which recall both Plato and Plutarch.



This theme area covers a wide range of topics connected to our relationship with the living earth. By taking an earth-centred philosophical approach, we open to the possibility of widening and deepening our gaze in communion with the earth’s unfolding – embracing the imaginal worlds of religious philosopher Henry Corbin, and depth psychologists Carl Jung and James Hillman. 



Spirit & Psyche

This theme covers a vast terrain of topics connected to the identity of the human soul and its relationship with dimensions of reality we call spiritual, as well as its communion with intelligences we call divine or daimonic.  It embraces the imaginal world of Henry Corbin – the liminal space between the world and the spirit – and the far reaches of the human imagination which is able see beyond the material plane in a myriad of mysterious ways.


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